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Kansas - Closet Chronicles

Once carried through the current

And being swept away

The king is in the closet

He’s hiding from today

And though he owns all fortunes

This room is where he’ll stay

And his world is filled with darkness, turning grey

Gazing out the window

Of the 42nd second floor

He is separate from all others

No one knocks upon his door

And it might as well be raining ’cause the sunlight hurts his eyes

And his ears will never hear the children’s cries

Once proud and full of passion

He fought the cause of man

Many people loved his courage

Many followed his command

He changed the old into the new

And the course of things to come

And then one day they noticed he was gone

At first it didn’t matter

Nobody seemed to care

They all became too busy

To find him anywhere

So no one knew not even him

The problems he would find

On the day he journeyed deep into his mind

I close my eyes I go far away

Away from this battlefield

In my dreams well here I will enjoy it

Where innocence plays with all the laughing children

The kind who are crying right now

A taste of freedom from the pain

Of everything here I see

Life is sweet but I took it all for granted

And now I don’t know if I could even tell you

Just what we permit, we allow

Allow me to forget the life I’ve made my own

I’ve held this nation in my hand

And yet it’s not my home

Allow me just one answer just one reason why

Why this refugee of the family of man must die

Tell me why

Daydreams filled his nighttimes

And night dreams filled his days

Confusion and uncertainty

A puzzled mind of haze

You thought he was so powerful

And set upon his ways

Well he left us all to travel through this maze

I heard the king was dying

I heard the king was dead

And with him died the chronicles

That no one ever read

The closet’s fully empty now

It’s occupied by none

I’ll draw the drapes now destiny is done