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Switchfoot - Amy’s Song

Amy’s gone

And time rolls on

How far? how fast? how long?

The last time we saw Amy

She was headed for the shore

Fighting off the volatile gray skies

She said now begins forever

And that no one knows their time

We bid farewell not knowing

That might be our last goodbye

Amy was a fighter

She cut like Casius Clay

She burned like a fire

Despite these rains

Where time was a question

She only knew one song

She’s singing, "how far, how fast, how long?"

Salvation is a fire

In the midnight of the soul

It lights up like a can of gasoline

Yeah, she’s a freedom fighter

She’s a stand up kind of girl

She’s out to start a fire

In a bar code plastic world

When everything stops moving

And I stop to catch my breath

And ride my train of thought

All the way round

My thoughts return to Amy

And the fire she’s begun

She came when we were freezing

And left us burning up